Doors and locks, locks and doors, we work on both with diligence and accuracy.  Hollow metal doors,
store front glass doors, wood and fiberglass doors whatever the door we can install or repair it.
Choosing a repairman is a lot like choosing a doctor. You need to know that he can handle the Job.
Aluminum Store Front Glass Doors
If your aluminum door is rickety, out of square and drags when it closes; we can tighten it up and bring it
back.  Chances are it just needs to be tightened and pivots replaced. Why go for a new door? Door repairs
including replacement of aluminum door pivots or continuous hinges. Repair and realignment of door frames.
Threshold repair and replacement. Door closer replacement. Locks repaired, replaced, adjusted or freshly
Hollow Metal Commercial and Fire Rated Doors and Frames
If your Hollow Metal Door is hanging and dragging chances are that you need new hinges or your frame
needs to be aligned. We can replace your hinges and in some cases align the frame. We can replace your
door and or frame. Reinstall locks. Door closers. Locks repaired, replaced, adjusted or freshly installed.
Wood and Composite Fire Rated Doors and Frames  
Repairs and replacements.
In most cases we can do repairs alignments just like any other door.  
Locks repaired, replaced, adjusted or freshly installed.
Commercial Locksmith Service
We are Professional Locksmiths providing commercial service in the Tampa Bay area. We can customize
your locks and security systems to provide you maximum flexibility and ease.
Lock Sales
Exit Devices
Push Bars
Emergency Exit Devices
Vertical Rod Devices
Alarmed Locks
Time Locks
Dead Bolts
Mortise Locks
Access control can be an important part to the security of any business requiring limited or controlled access
on its premises. Add a Closed Circuit TV System and you are ready for almost any surprise. We provide
access control sales service and installation. Using : Biometric Security, Access Card Technology, Digital
Locks, Key Pads and more